Should The Illinois Supreme Court Justice Have The Power To Break Up Your Family and Ignore Your Constitutional Rights Under The Law?
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Eleven-Year-Old Illinois Racial Segregation Victim Will Pray for Those Who Trespass Against Her

Sixth Grader Worked Odd Jobs During Her Summer Vacation To Pay For This Interview


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NORMAL, Ill., Dec. 16 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Amy Schneider, a mother of five, has spent over three years in Macon County Illinois' probate court trying to regain possession of her two oldest children, Kaela Elizabeth Sliney-Schneider and Joshua Matthew Sliney-Schneider, both Caucasian. Schneider lives in Normal, Illinois with her three younger black children, including eleven year old Hailey.

"Hailey and her two black siblings have been forbidden to see their own brother and sister," said Schneider. "Albert Webber, Rita Garman, Sue Myerscough, Mitchell Shick and others have conspired to subvert the Illinois Court System and maintain a racially motivated de-facto adoption in clear violation of constitutional law," says Schneider.

"It's hard for me to think that it is not their fault when they are mean to us on purpose," Hailey said. "My church teaches that I must pray for those who cast evil deeds against me. That seems really backwards to me but my parents say to trust God and he will keep my heart pure."

According to court records, Schneider is representing herself in both the United States and Illinois courts. "It has been hard for all of us," Hailey said. "I was especially sad at my little brother's seventh birthday this year. We had fun and we had a cake, but his one big wish was to have his brother Josh there with him on his special day."

"When I get sad about this, I look at a book that my black Grandmother gave me when I was three," says Hailey. "It's called 'Thank You, God.' My sad-time prayer reads, 'Dear God, Thank you for forgiving me my sins. Please help me to forgive other people too. In Jesus' name, Amen.' (Mark 11:25) It's not much but it makes me feel better."

Hailey said that she attended court with her mother two times this past summer. "Mr. Webber and Shick were mean to my mom in court but she didn't cry or get mad," she said. "After the first time at court I felt so bad that I began to cry after we got in the car. My mom stopped the car and said, Hailey, save it for when somebody dies or something. We both began laughing, and then we got ice-cream," Hailey smiled. "My sister Kaela is very pretty and nice and I love and miss her and my brother very much," she continued, "Merry Christmas and God Bless."


on Dec 16, 2005
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Thank you for giving us updates on this story. It is VERY important.

But I would like to encourage you to work on titles. If I hadn't been forum surfing, I would have missed this one, and because the fight against these sorts of atrocities is so important, I would not have wanted to miss it.
on Dec 19, 2005
But I would like to encourage you to work on titles.


Thank you for commenting. The news interviews are to inform important persons like you and your fellow bloggers. A spectacular bunch I might add!
We are complete Blog neophytes and it shows. If you could offer any advice at all, it will be greatly appreciated. How would a proper title be configured?
on Feb 19, 2006
This is sick! I feel so sorry for that little girl and her brother. This is all about how much money these snake sleaze lawyers can steal from these kids. Anyone with a brain can see what they are doing. They don’t give a shit about those kids. Prince Albert Webber wants to be on the Supreme Court. A. G. Webber and his live-in girl friend act as if they are better than everyone else. It is fitting that she works at the bank, while her boyfriend robs people from the courthouse. Albert Webber must know that he to will have to raise a million dollars if he wants to make it to the IL Supreme Court.

Sue Myerscough and Robert Steigmann are just plain political whores, crooks and Supreme Court wanna-be’s. It’s not going to happen; Million Dollar Sue Myerscough spent over eight hundred thousand dollars and still lost. What a loser! Old Right Hand Rita Garman kicked Million dollar Sue’s ass.

Macon County Judge Scott Diamond is a Jew who hates Black Men. He has a lesbian daughter who is ugly as sin. Yet, I have heard Judge Diamond say, “All theses Black boys want to do is go around getting White girls pregnant”. Diamond acts like an old lady who watches too many soap operas. If you end up in Scott Diamond or Albert Webber’s court you are screwed unless you have the most money. The court is for sale!

I saw Karen Coates at the courthouse, wow, what a pig! She must weigh 300 lbs. Hey Karen, slack off on the cheese burgers! She looks nothing like her sister, Amy Schneider. The talk is that Karen Coates has paid the lawyers Three Hundred Thousand Dollars, of the minor children’s money. Karen Coates has not spent a dime of her own money. What an ass. I wonder how those children are going to feel when they grow up and realize that $300,000.00 was stolen from them by this not so elaborate scheme.

I plan to follow this story because it is in my community.