Mother Amy Joan Schneider Calls Illinois Judge Albert G. Webber IV to Testify and Explain Segregation of Family Based on Race
Published on January 31, 2005 By trueandfree In Politics
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Contact: Amy Joan Schneider of Amy Schneider's Fight Against Racism and Segregation, 309-452-7466

NORMAL, Ill., Jan. 31 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The mother of two children involved in a guardianship case in Macon County Court in Decatur, Ill. has filed a verified petition and served a Notice for Judge Albert G. Webber IV to appear and testify under oath at a Feb. 2, 1 p.m. Substitution of Judge hearing.

Mother of five Amy Joan Schneider has been in court trying to regain possession of her two oldest children, Kaela Elizabeth Sliney-Schneider and Joshua Matthew Sliney-Schneider, both Caucasian. Schneider lives in Normal, Ill. and has three younger children who are black.

According to Schneider's petition filed Jan. 13, "Judge Webber exceeds the Probate Court's authority and discretion in order to keep the Mother's two children with the non-parent non-guardians who are paying Judge Webber's friends, business associates and campaign contributors."

Schneider previously filed a complaint against Webber with the Judicial Inquiry Board in part because "the Mother's family continues to be segregated (black from white) based on race and the personal bigotry of this jurist." "I can read and I know my rights as a parent in Illinois," Schneider says. "I'm White; experiencing racism is incredible."

Schneider said, "An openly biased Judge Albert Webber maintains the status quo through deceptive means. The only way I can prove my petition is to have Judge Webber take an oath and testify."

Schneider, who is representing herself, has had little success in appealing previous decisions against her to higher levels of the Illinois court system. "Judge Webber won't let me bring my witnesses or put sworn testimony in the record. With no record, the appellate Courts have nothing to review," Schneider claims.

In Webber's order entered June 15, 2004, finding Schneider a threat and is forced to send only her two Caucasian children to a non-parent non-guardian in San Angelo, Texas for their safety, Webber wrote, "An order of this Court and the intervention of the Normal, Illinois police effected their return three days later."

Sworn testimonies of two police officers contradict Webber's finding. Normal Police Sgt. Jeffery Longfellow testified, " was a situation where there was bad weather, the flight got cancelled..." "The State of Illinois must release my two children immediately or explain why. I will continue to fight and do whatever it takes to reunite my family," Schneider declares.

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